Samstag, Dezember 22, 2007

Santarrr Klausss? Are you German?
Weihnachten mit der süßen Sarah Silverman.

I hate to say this Santa but you’re acting like a dick
you should give presents to everyone that’s good
and not just to your personal click

if you bring me a toy to open Christmas morning
I’ll let you be my boyfriend all bearded, fat and horny
oh yeah oh yeah

What does Jesus have to do with you?
You’ve got as much to do with Jesus as you do with Scooby doo,
what do you have to do with Jesus,
you have as much to do with him
as you do your mother’s penis oh yeah
Claus...? Klaus – is that german?
Santa Klaus..., Santarrr Klausss...,
you made a list and I checked it twice
and there’s nobody named Silverman, or Moskowitz or Weiss,
you have a list well Schindler did too,
Liam Neeson played him, Tim Allen played you,
don’t be a doosh, what would Jesus do,
he’d say give the jew girl toys
give the jew girl toys !