Mittwoch, August 08, 2007

Call of the jungle
Ein Artikel über Anti-Germans und die Israel-solidarische Presselandschaft in Deutschland in der israelischen Tageszeitung Haaretz:

Letters from Berlin: The anti-anti-Zionists
The square in the former East Berlin named for Rosa Luxemburg, the Polish Jewish social revolutionary who was murdered by right-wing extremists in 1919, served as my introduction to the pro-Israel left in Germany. After moving to Berlin in 2002, I attended a May 1 demonstration at Rosa Luxemburg Square. There among maybe a thousand union members and other left-wing activists, I found myself pleasantly ambushed by a group of a dozen or more young people waving massive Israeli flags and buzzing around the demonstrators. This bizarre scene was a cause of cognitive dissonance: Was it possible for there to be left-wing, non-Jewish Germans who were also militant supporters of Israel?

The answer, apparently, is yes, as an astonishing thing has happened in the leftist political and intellectual culture of Germany. … weiterlesen ...


At 10:39 PM, Blogger orcival said...

schön zu sehen, dass wir dieselbe tageszeitung lesen...


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